Ready to become an herbalist?

As an herbalist, you'll work with medicinal herbs and essential oils to support your family's health. I'll help you create your customized home apothecary, make plant medicines, become a family and/or community herbalist, and I'll radically speed up your herbal learning journey so you don't waste time or money. Enjoy some short courses along the way too!

"I know the successes my husband and I have had with herbs and essential oils, but when I see this success in friends I have made things for it increases my confidence in this decision I made to take this herbal journey. God is good and provides us with all our needs! He led me to Heidi!" ---Misty Tucker

School of Botanical Arts & Sciences

Herbal, aromatic, and natural living courses for all levels...

From foraging, growing, harvesting, and preparing herbs; to becoming a full-fledged home and/or community herbalist, I've got courses for you! Want to make natural soap with herbs? Or create your own natural body care products? Or perhaps you're ready to empower your health choices and create a real custom home apothecary? I've got you covered.

For all learning styles so you can radically speed up your progress

I take pride in supporting all my students so you can learn quickly and in the style you enjoy. Videos, written texts, live Q and A chats, and an incredibly helpful community provide the support you need.

**My 30+ years as a professional teacher have given me the skills to radically speed up your learning. And, decades of herbal training from various teachers and schools have given me well-rounded herbalism and aromatherapy knowledge to share with you.

""This herbal knowledge is priceless! Heidi, I am so grateful to have already applied what I have been learning to help my family. I do not have words to express my heartfelt thank you to you!" ---Deb Huddleston

Featured Courses

Ditch the Drugstore + Family Herbalist Certification

OPENING SOON for Student Group #7: May, 2023!

I'll help you plan, create, implement, and organize your family's unique custom home apothecary. I guide you in perfectly creating what you need so that you can save money and have peace of mind when it comes to your home medicines...quickly. I've taught hundreds of students how to make their own natural medicine at home and to completely be self-reliant from over-the-counter and in many cases, prescription, meds.

There is also a Family Herbalist Certification program option. This option includes upgraded information on specific plants for your family, along with the scientific phytochemistry you'll want to know. Essential oils and aroma-phytochemistry is included as well.

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The Confident Herbalist Tribe

You'll LOVE the Confident Herbalist Tribe!

  • 55+ and growing complete herbal masterclasses
  • Herbal foundations and intermediate workshops
  • Videos
  • Videos are all searchable with transcripts!
  • Downloadable and printable books for each masterclass.
  • Materia medica, growing/harvesting plants, phytochemistry and more...fully researched.
  • Recipes and remedies, so you can work with the medicinal plants. Experience is what grows your knowledge!
  • Weekly Q and A, Formulation, and open LIVE chats with Heidi! All but the open chats are recorded if you prefer watching the replays.
  • A supportive student community that's OFF social media, completely private, and where both experienced and beginning herbalists and aromatherapists love to hang out to help you
  • Tribe members have access to other workshops throughout the year that I teach.
  • Herbal foundations, formulation, dosing, safety and more are included in the general area as well as within each masterclass.
  • Since 55+ masterclasses can quickly become overwhelming, I've organized these into body systems supports, seasonal herbal offers, and alphabetically so you can choose how to approach your learning.
  • Lifetime and subscription options available.
  • There's SO much more to the Confident Herbalist Tribe. Click the button below to learn more.....
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Herbal Medicine Making Methods: the Basics

In Herbal Medicine Making Methods: the Basics, you'll learn all the primary ways to prepare dried and fresh herbs so you can make tinctures, teas, decoctions, oxymels, electuaries (sweets), salves, and LOTS more!

NOTE: This course is included in the Confident Herbalist Tribe and also Ditch the Drugstore.

21-Day Joy Experience

Find happiness on a daily basis! As a holistic herbalist, I know how important the mind-body-spirit connection is. Chronic stress kills our minds and bodies and creates a joyless existence. Stress is the number one cause of disharmony and imbalance in the body. Learn strategies that can help you manage stress and the anxiety we experience in these modern times.

I created this course specifically to help you internalize strategic clinically proven actions, mindful thinking, and even work with uplifting herbs and essential oils so you can remain calm, peaceful, and joyful even in these difficult times.

This research-based course includes daily videos, two digital books with all the video strategies plus herbal and aromatic (essential oil) recipes to help you manage stress levels and balance emotions.

Short Courses

Natural Soap Making

Ready to make your own handmade soap?

Your skin absorbs the chemicals in your body care products....and so does the delicate skin of your children. Why not put GOOD chemicals on your skin instead?

Learn how to use herbs, oils, clays, salts, and other natural ingredients to create your own handmade all natural soaps! Step by step videos detail every single step so you know right where you are in the process. My popular natural soap making book is also included!

Many students have started successful soap businesses with this course!

Aromatic Blending for Joy (Guide)

This is a complete digital book that provides practical, useful information about how to use essential oils to help uplift mood and manage stress. Essential oil safety is a foundation of this guide, along with various aromatic application methods.

Sections of recipes and blends include improving mood, managing anxious feelings and stressful situations, increasing and enhancing mental focus, relaxation and improving sleep.

NOTE: This book is also included in the 21-Day Joy Experience!

Your Body's Invisible Army:

Support Your Family's Immune System

You'll love this short course that includes videos, a complete book with recipes and remedies, and a slide deck with more information about your immune system. Students tell me they've learned things they never knew about their immune system before and how to support it.

If you or a family member struggle with staying well, or that cold and flu just never seems to go away, then you'll definitely enjoy this workshop-style course! **Includes recipes and remedies.

Botanical Skincare:

Introduction to Homemade Skincare

You'll learn how to create skincare formulations and products that work for your skin, no matter its type, this season:

  • Facial cleanser
  • Herbal exfoliator
  • How to herbal steam for your skin's health
  • Facial masks
  • Herbal toner
  • Facial serum
  • Super moisturizing cream
  • Acne & pimples
  • Oil cleansing information and directions
  • Question/Answer chat replay
  • A complete text guide with information and recipes

Botanical Gifts:

Make gifts with medicinal plants to delight your friends and family!

Learn how to create many different kinds of gifts for your friends and family. In this video and text course, you'll learn about:

  • Beautiful body scrubs (seven recipes)
  • Herbal shower and bath bombs (two recipes with ideas for customization) and troubleshooting
  • Luscious lotion bars (two recipes)
  • How to make a natural perfume two ways with many ideas for recipes
  • Room and linen sprays that are safely preserved with eight recipes
  • Herbal spice blends for healthy cooking with 10 different recipes!
  • Herbal teas and accessories, PLUS my complete herbal tea guide and book
  • Question/Answer chat replay
  • A complete text guide with information and recipes
  • BONUS: My Nirvana Wood perfume recipe
  • Two complete PDF books

If you struggle with gifts every year or birthday or season....then this course is for you!

Cacao: Decadent Chocolate? Or Healthy Superfood?

The Science and the Fun of Cacao

Find out about the science behind all the health benefits of cacao (Theobroma cacao). Become a chocolate expert!

And then there's the fun part! You'll ALSO learn how to make many recipes. Here are just a few of them:

  • Hot cocoa mixes
  • Hot fudge recipe...oh, this is SO good!
  • Making cacao bitters with herbs
  • Herbal chocolate bark

And lots, lots more!

On top of the many recipes, you'll also get:

  • A 70 page book with well-researched science, folklore, and tons of additional recipes
  • Videos for several of the, so yummy
  • A video herbalism workshop on cacao
  • The PDF slides from the science behind the plant workshop

Healing Herbs of the Bible and How to Use Them Today

Have you ever wondered about the medicinal plants used in ancient times? Or which ones the Bible actually mentions? In this well-researched and exciting course, you'll learn about:

  • Biblical health and wellness
  • A history of healing plants
  • 20 ancient fully researched plants used in ancient times...and today
  • 16 recipes you can make and enjoy!
  • 83 page digital book included
  • 7 videos
  • Become an expert on the plants of the Bible!

"Heidi's site and school is my go-to for herbal education. Her knowledge of herbs is vast, and her teaching skills make it easy to understand and takes any fear or intrepidation out, and she instills confidence. My kids are now even on board with herbal medicine!" ---Nicole Hanna

From fun short courses to longer, intensive herbalist certification programs, there's something for you!

Videos, Text, and Transcripts

I realize people have different learning needs, so all course content is presented with videos, a text component---a complete PDF and/or physical book with researched information and recipes in most cases, and a transcript option for most videos. Audio listeners usually listen to the videos, and an audio component will be coming soon.

Support from me and other herbalists and aromatherapists on the team!

Our completely private off-social media student community is filled with knowledge! Have a question? Just ask!

In addition, for several of our courses, there's a live weekly Question and Answer session, where you can get direct feedback and answers to your questions from me, Heidi Villegas, head herbalist and aromatherapist of Healing Harvest Homestead.

Here are some other features of HHH School of Botanical Arts & Sciences to know:

  • Your enrollment never expires for purchased courses on completed payment plans. We know life can get in the way of the best laid plans, so you have access to these courses for life. AND, when I add updates, additional bonuses, and new material, you get these too.
  • You can begin learning right away and continue at your own pace in most cases.
  • SEARCHABLE videos! I'm excited to share that in our main course offerings, all videos are now fully searchable. This means you can search for a key word or two and all videos in that course will appear at the exact spot of the topic you desire. You can get transcripts of these too. This feature is truly amazing and a way to speed your journey along.
  • Enjoy fun, shorter workshop-style courses, OR invest in your herbal journey by becoming a Family Herbalist (Ditch the Drugstore) or go to another level entirely in the Confident Herbalist Tribe community.

Hello, I'm Heidi Villegas--

I'm a certified professional level aromatherapist, clinical and community herbalist, homesteader, teacher, and writer in North Idaho. My passion is to help you learn herbalism and other natural living heritage skills as quickly as possible so you can feel empowered during these crazy times and leave a legacy of lost knowledge to your children and grandchildren.

Take a look at my course offerings! I've got what you need if you're wanting to learn how to live sustainably, self-sufficiently, naturally, and in wellness.

Give yourself the gift of better health, peace of mind, and empowerment through herbalism, aromatherapy, and self-reliance.

Want to know more about me? Find out more about Healing Harvest Homestead and me here.